Do you have what it takes to become our first chocoholic in Chocolate Village by the river? Let us know why you should become no.1 chocoholic in our glamping resort Chocolate Village. Give us the reason to choose YOU!

  • Unforgettable 5 day luxury Chocolate Village glamping accommodation for 2 persons including chocolate breakfast
  • unlimited chocolate all day
  • chocolate massages
  • chocolate tasting and workshops
  • all transfers included
  • and many more…!


Do you like to hide in the treetops, or do you prefer rolling hills by the river?
Do you prefer Forastero, Criollo or Trinitario?
Did you know that there are only three types of cocoa?

FORASTERO is the most popular type of cocoa

Forastero lodges are spacious, have 2+2 beds over two floors with large panoramic windows. They are equipped with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, terrace, heating and cooling.

CRIOLLO is the rarest and most sensitive as well as the most prestigious type of cocoa.

Criollo lodges are located in the treetops, and have unique beds and spectacular panoramic views. They are equipped with a kitchenette, a living/sleeping area, a bathroom, heating and cooling, and a gorgeous terrace.

TRINITARIO is a hybrid type of cocoa with the best of both worlds.

Trinitario lodges are placed directly by the natural swimming pond and have the most spectacular view of the river. Like Forastero lodges, Trinitario lodges are spacious, have 2+2 beds over two floors with large panoramic windows. They are equipped with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, terrace, and heating and cooling. They also include a private hot tub and a fireplace.

The resort is located in the beautiful surroundings of the Natura 2000 nature park right by the river. The village is also located on the famous international Drava cycling route.
It is 5 km from the Pohorje Cable Car, the largest Slovenian ski resort, the summer bike park and hiking grounds. It is 5 km from Maribor city centre.
It is 5 km from the largest shopping centre in this part of Slovenia.
Have we already mentioned that it is located only 5 steps away from a chocolate manufactory?


  • workshops and tastings in the Teta Frida chocolate manufactory
  • sauna with chocolate bath on a tree
  • chocolate massages (please try to abstain from eating yourself during this)
  • gourmet shelter
  • natural swimming pond (no, unfortunately it is not filled with chocolate)
  • decadent enjoyment at the Teta Frida chocolate cafe with 100% natural desserts and ice cream


  • Drava cycling route
  • sports on the river (canoeing, stand-up paddle boarding, sailing)
  • gorgeous running and walking trails along the river
  • large playground for children
  • Pohorje resort (skiing, bike park, hiking)
  • potica-baking workshop (with chocolate, of course)
  • natural cosmetics workshop
  • cheese factory visit
  • woodworking workshop
  • wine tasting with a traditional local dinner
  • pottery classes (make yourself a cup for hot chocolate)
  • Ruše bikepark (pump track)
  • Dooplek wake park)
  • shopping (we know that’s not the reason you chose this location, but just in case – a large shopping centre is not far away)


Are you like a mouse who loves to nibble on something here and there and also drink something good? The Gourmet Shelter in the middle of the village is just the thing for you. It is open all day and offers free homemade wine, and a wide selection of bottled wines and local delicacies.


Drown your worries in a chocolate bath on the terrace of our tree wellness lodge, equipped with a Finnish sauna, a tea area and a large panoramic window.


Get up close with the legendary Teta Frida. Transform into a chocolate maestro for a day or sample Frida products at chocolate tastings.
Learn more about the story and the production of Teta Frida at